Marie Milis

Moved by my young contemporaries I write to echo practices I tried with them - or which were created conjointly.

I am writing to testify, to dialogue, to stimulate. I write for the love of people and words : to speak justly is such a challenge!

I write to offer a fresh perspective and dignified practices.

Petit traité d'autolouange

Ce livre présente une initiation à la pratique de l’autolouange en suivant le déroulement d’une formation pour les enseignants et ceux qui font des métiers d’accompagnement (éducateurs, psycho pédagogues, psychosociologues, …)

L'art de voir

To enter into the art of seeing, I propose an attitude of openness without any preconceptions.

I invite to the magic of the encounter in order to restore the marvellous at the heart of “boring reality” (François Julien: “si lassant réel”). For this, I suggest finding in oneself the path to the art of complete availability, without the burden of knowledge, competence or fear of illegitimacy. Simply to be as we are, to live an esthetic experience, that keen emotion which mobilizes all our resources in a moment of grace, of letting go, and of expanded perception.

Pour une pédagogie interactive

At a time when mathematics has infiltrated the processing of practically all human activities and the fractal multiply the field of application, it is no longer possible to think that a young person can carry and transmit, to at once inherit and invent his culture without having had the experience of doing maths. And yet, many turn away from maths: out of laziness or distaste, frustration or incomprehension, many shut their ears and put maths away in the museum of horrors. This work presents an interactive pedagogy of mathematics that builds on the theory of the construction of knowledge developed by Britt Mari Barth. It is based on numerous examples analyzed throughout the book. The examples are simple and their detailed analysis is comprehendible to anyone who is interested in transmission, even those who dislike mathematics. This work accompanies those who wish to try another path, whatever their field of expertise may be

Loué Soit Je

In French 2016

Collective book where many contributors of various professional social and cultural fields exhibit their use of self-praise. This book will inspire anyone refusing to give up or consent to decline. The reader will find a thousand ideas with which he can draw his own furrow of hope in his community. Let’s be those who are constantly dazzled by human nature.

Je parie que tu peux

In French

This book is the story of a project from its genesis to its outcomes. The floor is given to young people (17-22 years), final-year students of a technical school, and their teacher with which the project was developed and conducted.

An invitation to become familiar with the project pedagogy, learning method to intensify the flavor of the present, to find ways to be creative and get out of sterile conflicts.

Preface Cecile Ladjali

Afterword by Philippe Meirieu

Souviens-toi de ta noblesse

In French

"When young people are violent, it means that they come stripping our hospices

and the coats that suffocate us.”

It is with these words that Marie Milis, professor of mathematics and ethics in Brussels, presented her unique pedagogical gesture “Remember your nobility” to the Grand Souffle editor.

An educational countdown, an innovative method practiced with struggling pupils, based on self-praise and praise of others.

Preface and afterword by Christiane Singer

Exercices pratiques d'autolouanges

In French

"To find the spirit of childhood, to discover the pleasure of writing,

bear witness of an inner beauty. "

Self-praise is a universal millenary practice, still alive in Africa today. It helps to put into words what comes from the soul.

It boosts self-esteem and reconnect each to his talent and to others. It is written in "I" with emphasis and poetry, a text that speaks for itself and proclaims it, honoring a personal epic.


Everything is authentic and without arrogance.

Je donne des couleurs au monde

In French

A collection of 60 self-praises by Marie Milis, gathered by Leonardo Call as a birthday present.

Foreword Henry Bauchau.

Ed.Memory 2013


In French

Three women narrate their pilgrimage to Tibet around Mount Kailash, the abode of the gods to the great religions of Asia.

The polyphony of writing has no other purpose than to propose several gateways to this inner journey, many paths, and several areas of "implementation".

In short, this book is an invitation to an internal journey, a pilgrimage in itself.

Marie Milis

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